KOC History

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KOC History

KOC History

KOC History

KOC History



2017. 04

2016. 11

2016. 10

2015. 01

Appointed as a ATC(Advanced Technology Center) certified company

Selected as a items of the Industrial Fusion (MEMS Scanner)

Received the 2016 President's Award by Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs

Designated as globally competitive hidden champions by Gwangju city 

2014. 12

Designated as HR Small and Medium firm by Small and Medium Business Administration

2014. 04

Certified as New Excellent Technology by Government with MEMS Scanner Chip.

2014. 02

Certified as Ksure Global Growth ladder by Korea Trade Insurance Corporation

2013. 12

Awarded multiconductor optical fiber cable Ribbon Cable unit as "World Class Goods 2013" by Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy

2013. 05

Developed MEMS Scanner Chip

2013. 03

Certified as IP STAR Enterprise by Korea Invention Promotion Association

2013. 01

Designated as a Global Valuable Company Korea by Small and Medium Business Administration

2012. 10

Approved E-2000 Patchcord quality by R&M

2012. 02

Appointed as a superior partner by Korea Telecom

2011. 12

Awarded as “Korean World Class product Award 2011” with Field Assembly Optical Connector

2011. 02

Appointed as the first vendor of SK Broadbandwith Field Assembly Optical Connector

2010. 05

Awarded KOTRA Seal of Excellence from Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency

2009. 12

Appointed as KT’s first vendor with Optical Fiber Distribution Frame and Optical Patchcords.

2008. 08

BMT passed by Korea Telecom and appointed as their first vendor with Field Assembly Optical Connector

2007. 12

KOC’s passive components have been passed KT Bench Marking test

2007. 08

Developed Field Assembly Optical Connector

2006. 07

Developed 120Gbps Arrayed VCSEL transceiver module which was midterm challenge task of Ministry of Knowledge Economy, Korea

2005. 06

A graded in terms of patent and business from Korea Technology Credit Guarantee Fund

2005. 02

INNO-BIZ certified by Small and Medium Business Administration

2004. 02

Established WUXI KOC in China

2002. 12

Awarded as "Korea World-class Product Award2002" with Optical Attenuator

2002. 04

Appointed as a CLEAN Factory by Ministry of Labor

2002. 01

TL9000-HR3.0 certified

2001. 05

Small Business corporation investment (capital sum total 702,000,000 won)

2000. 06

Designated as a promising export enterprise

2000. 06

ISO9001 certified

2000. 05

New construction and relocation of factory

2000. 02

Venture enterpriser awarded by the Mayor of Gwangju city

1997. 06

Korea Optron Coporation established