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MPO Patch Cord


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MPO-MPO Ribbon             Cable MPO-MPO Round Cable                        MPO-Fanout

  MPO jumpers and pigtails provide high-density connections in a small footprint and MPO fan-outs provide dependable, high-quality transitions from ribbon fibers or cables to individual fiber connection ports. MPO fan-outs are available with up to 24 cores featuring SC and LC connectors. These fan-outs offer low insertion loss and reflectance, and are available in both ruggedized and bare ribbon formats. Our MPO patchcords are 100% tested at our factory to deliver optimal performance and reliability.
   KOC's MPO patchcords are Telcordia GR-1435 compliant and also complies with industry green initiative.

• Improves and simplifies fiber routing

• Decrease fiber management space

• OEM or customized for special applications

• Low insertion loss and return loss

• High Density