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  KOC’s MPO Cassettes provide a seamless connection between MPO backbone cables and SC or LC patchcords in the network environment. This pre-terminated modular system is easily deployed and simplifies future expansions and modifications. Cassettes are enclosed units that contain 12 or 24–fiber factory terminated fan-outs inside.

  These cassettes serve to “transition” small diameter ribbon cables terminated with a MPO connector to the more common LC or SC interface used on the transceiver terminal equipment. The fan-outs typically incorporate SC, LC, ST-style or MT-RJ connectors plugged into adapters on the front side of the cassette and a MPO connector plugged into a MPO adapter mounted at the rear of the cassette. MPO Cassettes are ideally suited for data centers, enterprise, and datacom networks.

• LC or SC front panel interface (other connector options also available)

• OS1/OS2, OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4 options

• 100% terminated and tested at KOC Factory

• Cassette modularity provides quick and easy installation

• Makes future moves, adds, and changes simple

• Factory terminated and tested module ensures high quality performance and reliability

• Customizable for particular applications

• Push-lock system without screw when fixing adaptor

• Using one-touch lock retainer for assembling/disassembling OFD