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Attenuated Patch Cord


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  High performance Attenuated PatchCords are used to attenuate optical power in an optical system. The atenuated Patchcord can be used to replace the conventional cable assembly and attenuator combination.

  It is compact, multi-purpose passive device designed to operate at the 1310 and 1550nm wavelengths. Korea Optron Corp. provides Attenuated Patch Cords with various connector styles SC, ST, FC, MU and hybrid type.

• Provides the functions of attenuator and patch cord assembly simultaneously

• Connector varieties available

• Conform to the requirements of EIA/TIA standards

• 100% Insertion Loss testing

• Wavelength insensitive

• Mode noise suppression

• Low polarization dependent loss

• High laser power endurance

• Fixed and variable attenuation