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FTTH Multi Fan-out FAOC > Field Assembly Optical Connector (FAOC)

Field Assembly Optical Connector (FAOC) 목록

FTTH Multi Fan-out FAOC


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  The FTTH Multi Fan-out FAOC is for connecting to multi-customer premises at one time. It is composed of three parts: a Multi Fiber drop cable, and FAOC, an Fan-out kit. KOC supplies only two parts that are FAOC and the Fan-out kit. The Fan-out kit is composed of Body and Main body.

  Eight Protection Tubes are assembled in the Fan-out Body. The 4~8 fibers and connectors can be installed in both ends. These are available in sections which are connected between the subscriber and the OTP(Optical Termination Panel). 


• Available between Subscriber and OTP
• Possible to combine FAOC with both ends of Fan-out
• Include high quality SC, LC, ST, FC FAOCs
• Available in 4~8 fibers
• Easy to identify fiber using individual color tube.
• Save Space in OTP and FTTH Outlets
• Available Cable jacket – LSZH / PVC

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